Starting at $129 condos, $139 houses

An artistic eye for detail, professional equipment & modern technology are just the start.  MSP has photographed over 25,000 properties throughout the GTA and surrounding areas.  We can provide a unique insight for optimizing your listing, having worked with several interior designers, decorators, stagers, and other creatives, we know what should and sometime even more importantly, what should not be included in the picture.  The final touches can make the difference between multiple offers and a quick sale over asking, versus a home that sits on the market for longer than it should.  


Starting at $299 condos, $349 houses

Real video walk-throughs, panning, sliding, movement makes this a true eye catcher.  Can be edited for length to fit your needs.

Drone Services

Starting at $159

Change the view to really grab some attention. Drone photos can show off the overall size of a property, proximity to lakes, parks, schools and more. Unique angles to highlight the property, the land, and general surroundings.